Interactive Maps

Maps are used in the classroom at all grade levels. The historical and interactive maps listed below help students to understand the world and travels of Roger Williams in the 17th century. Some maps layer history with current day mapping technology that allows you to compare history to today.

Places of Interest

Find and map places of interest related to Roger Williams.

Animated Map

Watch an animation of RI's growth from 1636-1703 (DRAFT -will be adding dates soon)

Providence Home Lots 1646

Also showing Indian Trails at that time (NOT YET LINKED)

Interactive Timeline Map

Click through dates to see which areas were founded...(DRAFT)

Colonial Places of Interest (DATE)

A visualized suggestion of interesting places during colonial Rhode Island...(NOT YET LINKED)

Speculative Journey 1635

A speculative journey of Roger Williams banishment from Salem (NOT YET LINKED)

Native Settlement and Trails 1600-1650

A map or link to maps about Native American place names + trails...(NOT YET LINKED)