Bringing Roger to Life

Free Field Trips and In-school Programming for Educators

Free Field Trips

We will cover the cost for your classroom to visit the Roger Williams National Memorial where students can experience Roger Williams and Rhode Island History firsthand. Grants up to $400 are available for Rhode Island public school classrooms to cover transportation costs. Learn more and request a funding application here.

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Bring Roger to Your Classroom or School

Prefer that Roger come to you? In partnership with the Roger Williams National Memorial, we can bring Roger educational programming, teaching resources, and a National Park Ranger into your school and/or classroom. Contact us to learn more and schedule a visit.

Travels with Roger: a 60 minute, ranger-led program that introduces students to Roger Williams and his struggles to gain religious freedom. Through the use of a large map, students will follow the travels of Roger Williams across the landscape of Southeastern New England. Although the program is mainly historical, it also incorporates science, natural history, language arts, and geography. (Suitable for grades 2 – 3)

Roger Williams: Champion of Religious Freedom: a 60 minute, ranger-led program that introduces students to Roger Williams' idea of Liberty of Conscience. Students will become members of the community that will discuss Williams' "newe and dangerous opinions" against the government. This interactive role play activity will illustrate the viewpoints of magistrates, religious leaders, colonists, and American Indians as they decide whether Roger Williams should be allowed to stay or forced to leave Massachusetts Bay Colony. (Suitable for grades 4 – 6)

New and Dangerous Ideas: a 60 minute, ranger-led program that tells the story of the founder of Rhode Island. More than 300 years ago this fiery Christian preacher believed that the wall of separation between Church and State was essential for all other liberties. His ideals, incorporated into the Rhode Island Charter of 1663, laid the foundation for the laws that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would eloquently affirm in this nation’s defining documents: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. (Suitable for grades 7-12)

All programs are based on the Common Core and RI Social Studies Framework and are offered at no charge.

Classroom Resources to Utilize on Your Own Time

The Carter Roger Williams Initiative offers online educations resources and classroom activities on Roger Williams, Native Americans, and Rhode Island environmental history. Explore our collection of resources organized by topic areas related to Roger Williams's life and teachings. View essays, videos, galleries, educational activities, lesson plans, or discussion starters in each of the topic areas here.

We also offer one-on-one guidance in developing a personalized Roger Williams curriculum for your classroom. Contact us to schedule an individual or group overview on educational resources for topics pertaining to Roger.